Staying at Gara Rock Hotel, Salcombe

Gara Rock Hotel is the type of destination that you’re likely to find when scrolling through the feed of your favourite Instagram ‘influencer’. For starters, its located right by Salcombe, one of South Devon’s most desirable towns, and its stunning views are arguably some of the best in the UK. Then there’s a chic millennial aesthetic that runs throughout the whole place; complete with sheepskin throws, velvet armchairs, trendy ottomans, and a well-stocked bar. Walking inside Gara Rock is quite literally like stepping into my ‘dream home’ Pinterest board and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t living for it.

Actually getting to Gara Rock is no mean feat – especially if you’re used to driving city roads and you aren’t a big fan of country lanes. Take heed if you’re thinking about relying on your Satnav to get to Gara Rock because some of the narrow lanes we found ourselves navigating were not for the light-hearted. However, once you arrive the view alone is worth the journey.  Gara is perched high up on cliffs above the beautiful South Devon coast. At this time of year, it’s incredibly windy, so we were pleased to get inside and into the warmth.

My accommodation at Gara Rock

Our room for the night was a Junior Suite, which set us back £160 and I thought was surprisingly affordable given its size. The suite was comprised of a living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining table and a balcony with enviable views. For just £5 more we could have opted for one of the Garden Suites, but at this time of year, we didn’t think there was much point. Like the rest of the hotel, the room was very nicely decorated; although not without a few hiccups. The lock on the bathroom door was broken and the bedroom window opened out directly onto the carpark and main door back into the hotel (which was afforded no privacy while the curtain was open). Overall, however, the room was beautiful and very clean. Throughout our stay, I was mentally making notes about interior design features that I wanted to recreate at home…

Gara Rock Hotel
Gara Rock Hotel

Dining at Gara

We had been invited to visit Gara Rock and sample their Sunday roast for my other blog, The Devon Foodie. You can read all about lunch over on that blog post. However, it should suffice to say that daytime food at Gara Rock is simple but well executed. There’s a very laid back vibe to the place and families and dogs are welcome.

We started off our lunch with a welcome G&T before heading over to the restaurant. This is arguably Gara’s most impressive asset, as the large wall to ceiling windows offer the most stunning panoramic views of the coast beyond. What’s more, our table was right by the window so we were a little bit spoilt. The menu was straightforward but filled with classic dishes that anyone would like and the staff were friendly and attentive.

Overall Impressions of Gara Rock

We really enjoyed our visit to Gara Rock and I imagine we’ll return one day to discover more of what it has to offer. I didn’t take advantage of the pool during our visit, but it did look rather lovely. Likewise, something about their boutique theatre really appeals – but whether or not I’d use it would depend on what was showing. The food at Gara is good and the service was polite throughout. However, the best part of the hotel has to be the gorgeous decor and the luxury feel to the place. Sitting in their stunning lounge and sipping on a glass of wine was a wonderful way to spend the evening and our evening spent in that beautiful room was really memorable.

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